Fields, Disciplines, and Specialties

ScholarGPS® associates all scholarly activity with distinct Fields, Disciplines, and Specialties as shown conceptually in the diagram below. The overall scholarly arena is divided into 14 standard academic areas that are designated as Fields. These Fields are, in turn, separated into 177 standard subdivisions called Disciplines, with each Discipline associated with only one Field. For example, the 8 Disciplines associated solely with the Field of Physical Sciences and Mathematics are included in the diagram.

ScholarGPS® further refines all scholarly activity into distinct Specialties. Each Specialty can be associated with multiple Fields or Disciplines to accommodate the cross-disciplinary work of scholars from different Fields or Disciplines, such as the examples given in the diagram. ScholarGPS® currently recognizes over 350,000 niche Specialties, with the number of Specialties continually increasing as new focal areas of scholarly activity emerge. The page available here includes a complete list of the Disciplines associated with each of the Fields. Search for a Specialty of interest here.