ScholarGPS® Overview

ScholarGPS® is the world's most comprehensive scholarly analytics platform, built by scholars but accessible to all. ScholarGPS® is comprised of powerful computational systems and processes such as novel data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical analysis, as well as data distillation, interpretation, and presentation. Our algorithms assure unmatched accuracy in identifying over 30 million individual scholars who are affiliated with over 55,000 academic and non-academic institutions worldwide. Our algorithms identify and analyze the individual impact of over 200 million books, book chapters, journal articles, conference papers, and patents associated with over 3 billion citations – all of which users can access through our powerful and user-friendly search engine. ScholarGPS® also provides exclusive and detailed profiles of all individual scholars and all institutions.

ScholarGPS® algorithms categorize the entire universe of scholarly research into 14 Fields, which are subdivided into 177 distinct Disciplines. All research is also categorized into a dynamic list of over 350,000 niche Specialties, with the number of Specialties continually growing as new areas of research evolve. Each of the Fields, Disciplines, and Specialties is searchable to identify leading scholars, top institutions, and major programs under a variety of user-defined search criteria. In fact, ScholarGPS® is the only analysis platform that offers multi-level, quantitative rankings of individual scholars and institutions in terms of their productivity as well as the quality and impact of their scholarly work.

ScholarGPS® is designed for those in academia, corporate research and development, governmental funding agencies and research laboratories, publishers and the media, law firms, private equity and venture capital, and others who seek to identify individuals with specific and verifiable expertise as research collaborators, potential employees, consultants and advisers, Top Scholars by Expertise, expert witnesses, qualified reviewers, or as nominees for awards and honors based on the unbiased, quantitative evaluation of scholars in their Fields, Disciplines, and Specialties on either lifetime or recent (prior five-year) scholarly activities. ScholarGPS® also provides opportunities for customized, unbiased, independent quantitative assessment and benchmarking for strategic planning purposes. We show how your institution performs globally, regionally, and compared to other institutions of your choice in stunning detail, giving you pinpoint accuracy in analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. ScholarGPS®– where the future of scholarly analytics is a present reality.