Key Features and Benefits

1- ScholarGPS® stands as the foremost data repository and analytical platform, offering unparalleled accessibility to a comprehensive database of scholars and their work

  • ScholarGPS® introduces the first fully quantitative rankings of all scholars, research institutions, universities, and academic programs.
  • ScholarGPS® offers extensive and in-depth profiles for more than 30 million scholars, encompassing active, retired, and deceased individuals from both academic and non-academic backgrounds.
  • ScholarGPS® provides comprehensive profiles of 55,000 research institutions and universities across various Fields, Disciplines, and Specialties utilizing its massive fully indexed database.
  • ScholarGPS® assesses each of these rankings across 14 broad fields (such as Medicine, Engineering, or Humanities), 177 disciplines (such as Surgery, Computer Science, or History), and even over 350,000 highly focused specialties (such as Cancer, Artificial Intelligence, or Ethics) in which institutions and individuals are active.
  • These ranking schemes rely on quantifying research productivity, impact, and quality, all determined from archival publication records ( books, journal publications, book chapters, conference papers and patents) thus establishing unmatched benchmarks fully independent of subjective judgments.
  • identify Top Scholars by Expertise.

2- Fair and quantitative assessment and benchmarking of scholars and institutions

Scholar and Institution assessment and benchmarking by ScholarGPS® is unequaled, as is its accuracy in scholar profile construction and updates. Developed by active scholars from diverse Fields, ScholarGPS® is unmatched in its ability to provide accurate, quantitative analyses of the scholarly output and creative impact of individuals at multiple levels of user-defined granularity; from the broad Field level (e.g., Medicine, Engineering and Computer Science, Law, Arts and Humanities) through the Discipline level (e.g., Surgery, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, History), to the unparalleled, fine-grained Specialty level (e.g., Breast Cancer, Artificial Intelligence, French Revolution). Only ScholarGPS® offers this level of precision, providing an unprecedented opportunity for fair and meaningful benchmarking. ScholarGPS® scholarly rankings are based on several metrics: Quality (h-index), Productivity (archival publication count), Impact (citation count), and the ScholarGPS® Ranks combined metric (the geometric mean of a geometric mean of Quality, Productivity, and Impact scores).

The Institutional Assessment and Benchmarking subscription option provides quantitative and detailed information that allows administrators to assess and benchmark the scholarly performance of their institution through comparisons with all institutions globally, with institutions in their home country, and with other institutions selected by the subscriber. Ultimately, the Fields and Disciplines within your institution are ranked, not through a comparison with each other, but based on a comparison of the standing of each Field and each Discipline in your institution relative to the same Fields and the same Disciplines at other institutions, again accounting for the variation in the size of the faculty from Field-to-Field, Discipline-to-Discipline, and Institution-to-Institution. Highly cited scholars in your Institution are identified by comparing their citations with all scholars Overall (all Fields), with all scholars in the same Field, with all scholars in the same Discipline, and with all scholars in the same Specialties. The most highly cited publications from your institution Overall (all Fields), within each Field, within each Discipline, and within each Specialty are also identified for administrators.

3- Our commitment to accuracy and transparency

ScholarGPS® is an open system – anyone can examine the profiles of any scholar in our database. And with ScholarGPS®, scholars can curate their own scholar profiles upon registration (at no cost). Scholars can discover (at no cost) the top individuals and institutions in various Fields, Disciplines, and Specialties. Other scholars can be followed, and emerging trends can be identified in any of the vast number of Fields, Disciplines, and Specialties included in ScholarGPS®.

4- Unrivaled scholar and subject matter identification

The databases assembled by ScholarGPS® constitute the most comprehensive repository of fully indexed publication metadata (in English), scholar profile data, and scholar analytics in the world. Our proprietary Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms transform raw data into the most versatile scholarly analytics platform available. We include all scholars who have authored at least one publication. Publications and scholars are classified into one of the 14 broad Fields to which they belong, or into one of 177 distinct Disciplines to which they belong, or into any applicable number of over 350,000 (and growing) distinct Specialties identified by the unique ScholarGPS® algorithms.

5- We make scholars and their work visible – anyone can browse the ScholarGPS® profiles

Because ScholarGPS® is an open system, anyone can examine the profiles of any scholar in our database. As a scholar, you are always visible and the archival publications in your profile are kept up-to-date – as are your citations and your h-index. ScholarGPS® has the profiles of over 55,000 institutions including rankings of academic institutions. Depending on your subscription status, you can see institutional rankings to levels of detail that have not been possible until ScholarGPS® algorithms enabled such rankings.

6- Promote your scholars and your institution – ScholarGPS® provides you with facts

ScholarGPS® performance metrics give individuals the facts they need to quickly identify scholars whose work merits special recognition within the institution, nationally, or internationally. Uniquely, ScholarGPS® rankings at the Discipline and Specialty levels allow nominators to identify individuals who are especially worthy of the many commendations and awards that are established to recognize excellence in specific or niche areas of research. ScholarGPS® gives administrators confidence in the rankings of their institution or unit, or the perception of their unit within their institution. ScholarGPS® uses purely quantitative metrics – questionable qualitative and survey metrics are purposely excluded from our rankings. With ScholarGPS®, you can provide concrete, factual evidence from an unbiased third party that yours is a world-class institution or unit. You can proudly proclaim the excellence of the scholars in your unit both within your institution and beyond.

7- Let us assist you with your scholarly profiles and reporting responsibilities

The curation of scholarly profiles (keeping academic vitae current and accurate) can be a time-consuming process for the individual scholar, and especially for administrators who are tasked with (i) keeping accurate unit records and (ii) reporting unit-wide scholarly activities to a wide range of internal and external constituents. ScholarGPS® provides the best, most affordable solution for profile curation. ScholarGPS® is also the most complete and accurate profile platform available. We make fewer mistakes assigning archival publications to individual scholars, or assigning individual scholars to specific institutions, than any other scholar profile platform. Importantly, ScholarGPS® has profiles of almost all scholars including those who are active, retired, or deceased. To further promote accuracy, registered scholars can update or correct their scholar profiles in the limited cases where we are in error. Archival works are added automatically to individual scholar profiles, and we automatically update metrics such as citation counts and h-indices as they change.

8- Collaborate in ways you did not think possible

ScholarGPS® facilitates collaboration opportunities within and between institutions. The superb resolution of our Specialty classifications enables scholars (and institutional administrators) to readily identify other scholars (internal or external to the home institution) who are engaged in similar or complementary research. Our scholar profiles show you who is working with whom. At your fingertips are the profiles of over 30 million scholars from over 55,000 institutions in over 200 countries.

9- Our contribution to the science of science

ScholarGPS® provides new tools to freely explore the organizational structure and evolution of science. ScholarGPS® can help individual researchers as well as public policy makers, funding agencies, and institutional leaders identify the emergence of new niche Specialties including interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research areas and monitor trends in science within established Fields and Disciplines. Individual scholars and institutions can identify and build scholar-to-scholar, institution-to-institution, and country-to-country research networks to continuously examine and potentially reset research priorities.

10- Looking for specific expertise from individuals at the peak of knowledge? Do you need expert witnesses in niche Specialties?

ScholarGPS® offers an unrivaled, user-friendly platform to identify Top Scholars by Expertise uniquely qualified to assist those in the practice of law, in the media, in industry, in government agencies, and other clientele who lack the required in-house knowledge or background. Using ScholarGPS®, experts and expert witnesses are a simple web search away. We don't provide you with just one or two names. Rather, you can search among every possible ranked candidate specific to your needs and determine their standing relative to other potential experts in a simple and comprehensive manner. You can search for expertise at the Field level (e.g., Medicine, Engineering and Computer Science, Law, Arts and Humanities) through the Discipline level (e.g., Surgery, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, History), to the unparalleled, fine-grained Specialty level (e.g., Breast Cancer, Artificial Intelligence, French Revolution). You can filter the lists of potential experts to find those located near you. We place the choice of the expert where it belongs – in your hands – by providing you with the details necessary in your identification and selection of experts.

11- Access the most comprehensive database of scholars and their work at a compelling low price

The features that are available from other scholarly service competitors with annual institutional subscriptions of approximately $80,000 to $200,000 are provided free with no required subscription to all users via the ScholarGPS® Individual Basic plan. Furthermore, ScholarGPS® provides additional unique and extensive features that are not available from any other scholarly service competitors with annual ScholarGPS® institutional subscriptions starting at $6000. See subscription Plans and Pricing for more details.

12- Other benefits

Individual and institutional ScholarGPS® users will enjoy many additional benefits including but not limited to: (i) the ability to track the success of the advisees of individual scholars through their subsequent publication histories, (ii) the ability to track the success of alumni of individual research units, (iii) streamlined generation of required scholar profiles and publication lists for grant applications, and most important (iv) an accelerated rate of research discovery enabled by the unprecedented access to accurate information regarding top scholars, top publications, and emerging as well as multidisciplinary areas of research.