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Highly Ranked Scholars™ are the most productive (number of publications) authors whose works are of profound impact (citations) and of utmost quality (h-index). Enabled by the generation of over 30 million detailed scholar profiles based on unique ScholarGPS® classification of over 200 million scholarly publications of record into one of over 350,000 distinct Specialties, 177 Disciplines, and 14 Fields, Highly Ranked Scholars™ are, for the first time, identified within each Specialty, Discipline, Field, and all Fields. Highly Ranked Scholars™ are those with ScholarGPS® Ranks of 0.05% or better. The data used to identify the ScholarGPS® Highly Ranked Scholars™ are based on lifetime or prior five-year activity, weighting each publication and citation by the number of authors, and excluding self-citations. All scholars…including inactive, deceased, and retired scholars…are included.
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