About ScholarGPS®

ScholarGPS®, an American company based in California, is owned and operated by Meta Analytics LLC. ScholarGPS® is the premier on-line source for the analysis of scholarly activity in the academia and elsewhere. The heart of ScholarGPS® is a continually updated, fully indexed compilation of metadata corresponding to over 200 million archival publications (journal papers, books, book chapters, conference papers, and patents) drawn from across the world. Using this massive corpus and other supporting information, the ScholarGPS® proprietary artificial intelligence platforms deploy data mining, machine learning, and data science to provide users access to detailed and unique profiles of scholars, along with their scholarly ranking among the global community of scholars. The profiles include the complete history of an individual's activities: publications, institutional affiliations, Specialties (described below), collaborators, and scholarly ranking metrics. The global community of scholars included in the ScholarGPS® database is comprised of over 30 million academic, industrial, and governmental scholars from 55,000 institutions. In addition to the profiles of individual scholars, the research output and rankings of over 15,000 academic institutions in over 200 countries is provided.

Scholarly activities are categorized into 14 broad Fields (such as Medicine, Engineering and Computer Science, Law, Arts and Humanities) that are easily recognized by academics and practitioners. ScholarGPS® further subdivides the Fields into 177 Disciplines (such as Surgery, Mechanical Engineering, History) associated with typical academic Departments. Uniquely, ScholarGPS® performs an additional fine-grained subdivision into over 350,000 Specialties that are defined by the content of the publications indexed by ScholarGPS®. For example, users can search ScholarGPS® for scholars, institutions, or publications in the Specialty of Renaissance Florence and receive results (such as scholars in this area) directly pertaining to the search topic. New scholar profiles and Specialties are added as they emerge in the literature. Users can also identify Top Scholars by Expertise who rank in the top 0.5 % in their Fields, in their Disciplines, and in their unique Specialties. If a user searches for Top Scholars by Expertise, they can even geo-locate them, should the user wish to find a nearby expert.

Depending on the user's subscription status (Individual or Institutional), ScholarGPS® provides access to rankings of scholars and institutions determined over the entire spectra of Fields, Disciplines, and Specialties. ScholarGPS® scholarly rankings are based on several metrics: Quality (h-index), Productivity (archival publication count), Impact (citation count), and the ScholarGPS® Ranks combined metric (the geometric mean of the productivity, impact and quality scores). Users can choose either the lifetime ranking of individuals, or the ranking of individuals over the most recent 5 years. Users can see an individual scholar's Overall (all Fields) ranking (within the totality of the ScholarGPS® database), Field ranking (within the specified Field), Discipline ranking (within the specified Discipline), and even Specialty ranking. Scholarly ranking metrics are presented both in terms of standard competition rank (e.g., ranking given as 1,2,2,2,5,5,7...) and top percentage rank (e.g., Top 1%) -- see Ranking Terminology and Methodology.

ScholarGPS® data are derived from a wide variety of public sources including but not limited to: Crossref, PubMed, the US Patent and Trademark Office, the National Science Foundation (US), the National Institutes of Health (US), Microsoft Academic Graph, and Unpaywall. ScholarGPS® takes great care to disambiguate the names of scholars and to assign entities (for example, publications) to individual scholars as accurately as possible. ScholarGPS® exercises the same care with the names of institutions. In cases where ScholarGPS® is in error, individual scholars can make corrections to their own profiles.

Registration and/or Subscription is easy — individuals can register at no cost to a Basic version of ScholarGPS® in which they can claim and view their own detailed profile and rankings. Highly Ranked Scholars™ and Institutional rankings are also available at no cost. The Individual Premium subscription is a superset of the no-cost Basic option and allows subscribers to access the ScholarGPS® Ranks of all scholars. The Individual Ultimate subscription provides access to lists of Top Scholars by Expertise in their Fields, Disciplines, and Specialties as well as all categories and options of rankings of all scholars. Institutional subscribers can choose Premium or Ultimate options that provide all scholars of the subscribed institution access to the features of the Individual Premium or Ultimate subscriptions, respectively.