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Access the profiles of over 30 million academic, industrial, and government scholars from more than 55,000 institutions in over 200 countries. Claim and update your profile — for free! More
Access analytics for each of the 55,000 institutions (over 15,000 academic institutions) included in the ScholarGPS® database. More
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Access descriptions of, and detailed analytics for over 350,000 distinct Specialties. More
View the rankings of individual scholars based on their productivity, as well as on the impact and quality of their publications. More
View the rankings of institutions over all Fields (Overall), in specific Fields, in specific Disciplines, and in Specialties. More
Access lists of Highly Ranked Scholars™ over all Fields (Overall), in each of 14 Fields, in each of 177 Disciplines, and in each of thousands of Specialties. More
Explore subject matter experts across 14 Fields, 177 Disciplines, and even over 350,000 unique Specialties by utilizing the search box below. More
Discover top scholars in an academia or non-academic institution by ranking order across All Fields, Field, Discipline, or Specialty. More
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Find publications (journal papers, conference papers, books, book chapters, and patents), by author, title, specialty, or affiliation. More
Access lists of highly cited publications in individual Fields, Disciplines, and Specialties. More
Empower Your Assessment and Benchmarking Using ScholarGPS-Pro:
ScholarGPS-Pro, developed by ScholarGPS® for academic institutions, offers unparalleled Assessment and Benchmarking services. It provides comprehensive, quantitative data that enables administrators to instantly compare the ranking, productivity, impact, and quality of their institution against all institutions globally, against all institutions domestically, and against any institution they select from the universe of academic institutions ranked by ScholarGPS. More